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What is High Dosage Tutoring?

High-dosage tutoring, also known as intensive tutoring, is a form of academic intervention that involves providing students with a high level of individualized support to help them catch up and succeed academically.

This kind of high-impact tutoring is generally one-on-one tutoring or very small group tutoring (up to four learners) at least three times a week (or for about 50 hours) over 36 weeks. Based on the student’s age and ability, tutoring sessions can be conducted from half an hour to an hour. It differs from the more common tutoring, often provided by less-qualified tutors, and focuses on remediation approaches. All high-dosage tutors must receive rigorous training and oversight from their organizations to ensure the authenticity of their instructional programming.

Here are a few reasons why intensive tutoring can be an excellent intervention for students:

**Individualized Support**

High-dosage tutoring provides students with a high level of individualized support, which can be particularly beneficial for those struggling to keep up with their coursework or learning disabilities. In intimate groups, tutors can understand each student’s strengths and weaknesses and tailor the tutoring session more effectively. Underperforming students tend to spend more time in classes disengaged due to a lack of confidence. One-on-one and small group tutoring allow students to gain confidence in their knowledge and ask for help.

**Targeted Support**

High-impact tutoring allows educators to focus on the areas where students need the most support, helping fill in knowledge gaps and improve overall academic performance. Studies consistently show that tutoring can be effective at all grade levels. Educators will need to administer high-quality assessments to determine where learning must be accelerated and provide high-quality instruction to ensure students have the opportunity to reach high standards. The impact for early grades is highest when tutoring focuses on reading skills. For older students, math-focused tutoring tends to be the most impactful.


It can be tailored to meet the specific needs of each student, making it a flexible and effective intervention for a wide range of learners. High-dosage tutoring programs are more successful when they track usage data and incorporate ongoing informal assessments. This enables tutors to individualize interactions with students to meet their needs better. It can be either online or in person offering greater flexibility. Tutors may supplement in-classroom learning and help children advance two to three times faster than their peers by providing individualized instruction and cooperating closely with teachers and families through high-dose tutoring.

**Increased Motivation**

High-dosage tutoring can increase student motivation by providing a supportive and positive learning environment that helps students feel more confident and capable. Repeated contact between the students and tutor is also vital. An increased number of tutoring sessions in the school year will lead to successful academic results for the students. While students can thrive in an environment taught by multiple tutors, every student needs to see all of these educators regularly. Forging close ties with the tutors paves the path for better understanding and communication, ultimately leading to a solid academic foundation.

**Improved Academic Performance**

High-dosage tutoring can significantly improve academic performance, as students receive targeted support and have the opportunity to catch up and succeed academically. Tutoring has enhanced the students’ possibility of becoming more academically and socially integrated. It balances remedial content with content currently being taught in the classroom, which differs from the widespread practice of tutoring as a way to catch up. Instead, students also engage in rigorous, higher-order thinking.

Personalized instruction is essential to increase student grades across subjects and substantially improve their academic skills. Professors and administrators should encourage students to seek high-dosage tutoring, thereby assisting students to become more academically and socially integrated into the fabric of higher education.

Overall, high-dosage tutoring is an excellent intervention for students who need extra support to catch up and succeed academically. High-dosage tutoring can help students improve their academic performance and achieve their full potential by providing individualized support and targeted instruction.

We at KAI Global School believe in helping students achieve academic excellence through high dosage tutoring.

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