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Academic Integrity Month October 2022

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academic Integrity month

Academic Integrity Month was celebrated in October 2022 at York University and featured a variety of seminars and panel discussions to foster student success. This celebration was an excellent chance for students to familiarize themselves with the school’s policies and resources and gain the necessary skills to master their education, career & life.

Each week included a unique theme and featured a distinguished speaker.

Theme 1 – Academic Integrity: A Foundation for Excellence (Week of October 3 – October 7)
The keynote was presented by Dr. Sarah Eaton, Associate Professor, Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary, and the International Journal for Educational Integrity editor-in-chief. It was an evidence-informed presentation covering the social, cultural, and technological realities that demand new approaches to academic integrity, particularly in the post-Covid -19 scenario. She also enumerated the steps to ensure academic integrity courses are conducted and programs and credentials are awarded in the future.

Theme 2 – Academic Integrity & the Learning Environment (Week of October 10 – October 14)
This week’s packed sessions aimed to challenge assumptions and promote supportive and inclusive learning environments. They highlighted the role of faculty members in promoting academic integrity on campus.

Changing the Conversation: Accessible and Inclusive Frameworks for a Culture of Academic Integrity – Recorded presentation by Dr. Laurie McNeill, Professor of Teaching, English Language and Literatures, University of British Columbia. This presentation explored how individuals and institutions can productively change misconceptions about academic misconduct and how to develop an environment that supports integrity.

Increasing Student Learning Through Alternative Assessments. This workshop explored how alternative assessments can foster engagement and increase student learning, examined successful examples from the Faculty of Science, and discussed practical concerns such as academic integrity and implementation of strategies in large classrooms.

Is all Plagiarism Really Plagiarism? Understanding & Mitigating Students’ Plagiaristic Writing presented by Dr. Stevie Bell, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director, Writing Department, York Dr. Jessica Sutherland, Professor, Faculty of Health, York. This workshop discussed the ways and reasons why students resort to plagiarism and ways to identify and figure out ways to circumvent it and also ease the burden on the faculty.

Fostering a Culture of Academic Integrity. A Zoom meeting that explored strategies to reduce instances of academic misconduct.

Theme 3 – Succeeding with Integrity (Week of October 17 – October 21)
This week the focus was on the students, from online presentations to workshops and events across the university. They took part in a virtual Scavenger Hunt, which took them through the different parts of York and helped them gain confidence as students.

Academic Integrity: How to Stop Worrying and Love Citations. This workshop prepared the students to participate actively in the student community and taught them the skills to succeed at university and beyond.

Academic Wellness Resources for Students. This workshop discussed mental health and academic performance and how academic misconduct may prevent students from continuing their studies or negatively impact their education and career choices. The Academic Wellness Project (TAWP) addressed these critical issues.

The Great Plagiarism Mystery: How to be Original in a World Where Everything’s Already Been Said. Undergraduate students participated in a panel discussion about the different aspects of plagiarism. They benefited from the practical advice and support that they received.

Academic Skills: Student Workshops. During the week of October 17, Learning Skills Services offered a variety of workshops on the skills students need to achieve their academic goals. These included:

– Starting Strong
– Time management
– Reading and Note-taking
– Study Strategies that Work
– Critical Thinking

LA&PS: Student Workshops. Peer Assisted Study Sessions, The Student Numeracy Assistance Centre, and the Writing Centre offered two citation workshops open to students of all faculties.

Theme 4 – Responding to Academic Misconduct (Week of October 24 – October 28)
The emphasis was on ways to respond to suspected instances of academic misconduct and provide support and advice to foster student well-being.

Tough in principle and soft in practice: Why students cheat, and institutions struggle to enforce policy compliance consistently. This presentation by Dr. Alexander Amigud, Senior Research Fellow, Tecnológico de Monterrey, México, focussed on the dichotomy of choices related to academic integrity. There are right and wrong actions, and academic standards are either upheld or ignored.

Best Practices in Responding to Academic Misconduct. This panel session focused on balancing consequences with compassion when dealing with students who had violated the academic honesty policy. Topics included evaluating individual student circumstances, leveraging the incident as a teachable moment, and exploring restorative justice practices.

Senate Policy on Academic Integrity. Presented by York’s legal counsel, this webinar addressed different aspects of investigating and resolving suspected cases of academic dishonesty.

We Tried It, And It Works! Academic Integrity Workshops. These workshops focussed on dealing with remedial options for students or addressing breaches in student conduct.

Many KAI Global School staff members attended York University presentations during Academic Integrity Month 2022 and understood the concept and activities in-depth. Stay connected to our website for details about our Academic Integrity Month 2023. We assure you, it’s going to be bigger and better.

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